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Strategic Focus

Press Properties has the following strategic focus in undertaking our business and offering service to all parties, clients and stakeholders.

Vision Statement

To be excellent in real estate service delivery as a world class company that is responsive to and surpasses its shareholders expectations

Mission Statement

Providing a balanced portfolio of primly located, high quality and well maintained commercial, industrial and residential properties and most effective and efficient property management services while maximizing value for our shareholders.

Core Values

Our core values are the PRICE we shall be committed to pay in conducting our business. These are:

People Centered
We treat employees and partners with dignity, fairness and respect fostering an environment where teams excel, and ownership and loyalty are inherent.

We ensure wellness of all our stakeholders and commit to share our success with communities while sustaining the environment we operate in.

We commit to conduct our business honestly, transparently and ethically; and pledge to be accountable to our customers, shareholders and society.

Customer value
We strive to surpass customers’ expectations both internally and externally. We are therefore committed to enable our customers excel by creating long-term relationships, being responsive, relevant and efficient while delivering value consistently;

We pursue excellence through highly efficient and effective processes that deliver our goods and services to an outstanding quality.

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