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Beyond Property Growth

Press Properties Limited (PPL) was established in 1969. The company is a 100% subsidiary of Press Corporation Plc (PCL). PPL develops, owns and manages its own properties for profit purposes. PPL also manages third party properties as a service offering. The main line of business for the company is property management and development. PPL has four core products and services:

  1. Property Management and tenant placements
  2. Property Valuations Services
  3. Property Development Services
  4. Property Transactions and Advisory Services

For many years, PPL relied on property letting as its main business and rental income accounted for over 80% of its annual turnover. In order to supplement its income, PPL implemented the Chapima Heights Project in 2005. The project involved sale of houses and serviced plots. The company has moved on to offer real estate related services to group and third party clients with emphasis on property management, property transactions, property valuations and property developments.

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