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Why Choose Us

Beyond Property Growth

Why Press Properties Limited

Our exceptional expertise in Real Estates services such as property management and tenant placements, property valuations, property transactions and advisory services and property development, ensures that our clients have access to the best information and the most accurate and trustworthy analysis on the outlined services due to the following attributes;

Value Addition

Value addition to our property management services. We are affordable as we enjoy economies of scale from our portfolio that we manage hence lowering overheads for our clients.


Critical Analysis

Proactive management in that we are continuously analyzing the market developments and trends to determine the best use of our resources and enable our clients to make informed decisions.

Proven Experience

Proven track record spanning for a period over 50 years now with properties across the country either owned or from various clients such as pension funds, corporates and high net worth individuals. Our clients trust us with their properties.

Well Established

Dedicated office with established and dedicated office within PCL House in Blantyre and Maula Complex in Lilongwe. Enabling our timely access to our clients and our intervention on matters raised country

Low Risks

Strict adherence to professional guidelines to ensure that our service delivery is above the board and mitigate exposure of our clients to litigation risks.

Excellent Reputation

We maintain good relationship with statutory institutions and other stakeholders such as Local Assemblies and Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

Let's work together

coupled by efficient customer service

We have well trained and experienced staff that are always acquiring latest knowledge in the profession

 Diversified skills with a professional team well versed in performing property management, facilities management, development services, accounting services, valuation services and property transactions. Our personnel are well vetted and registered with the Surveyors Institute of Malawi (SIM).

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